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About Convergence Center

The Convergence Center concept was developed by the team behind Real MCSE Bootcamps ( As they went around the country booking in-depth training sessions covering the latest technology, they found that many facilities weren't able to offer the type of computer equipment and the flexibility of space that they desired. Therefore, they decided to create a new type of center based on their ideal meeting room - one that would give business people access to the latest digital tools, including large screen plasma televisions, high-end sound systems, and digital satellite inputs, all in a comfortable setting conveniently located near local amenities and easy to reach by many forms of transportation.

The first Convergence Center is scheduled to open in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. Additional sites around the world are also in development.

Contact us for more information about the meeting facilities offered at Convergence Center in Atlanta and how they can make your next event a hit.

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