An ImageServe Web Site Showcased in the New York Times

July 22, 2004 Atlanta, Georgia

Recently, the Cancer Nutrition Info Web Site ( developed by ImageServe was showcased in the New York Times. The newspaper referred to this site as a bonanza for cancer patients and survivors.

According to Jane Brody who is a health columnist for the New York Times, "The site, which is remarkably thorough and well researched, addresses just about every nutrition-related problem someone dealing with cancer is likely to face. For each, there are pages of suggested solutions."

ImageServe launched the CNI Web Site last year and according to Suzanne Dixon, the Founder of Cancer Nutrition Info, "ImageServe designed a site that is both visually appealing and yet flexible enough to contain a database full of information that I can manage on a daily basis." In addition, this site contains an E-Commerce component that allows users to subscribe for a yearly fee.

"Content Management and E-Commerce requests are on the rise in our practice", says Dave Owen, President of ImageServe. "Sites like CNI are becoming more commonplace as the Web influences our lives more and more."

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